The War Against Becoming Yourself

For years the phrase “You are not who you think you are,” has rattled around my brain.  I think I read of it in one of Tolle’s books.  If this phrase is true then who the hell am I? How do I begin to find out and understand the import of this small phrase?  Are there other who could lend a hand and some wisdom concerning this journey of finding out who I am?

I have learned that most of us care little about this  train of thought or little about any train of thought.  As long as they have beer, NFL, movies or some type of entertainment they seem to be content. I AM SURE AS HELL NOT!

In 1787, when the Constitution was drafted, a woman asked Ben Franklin what the founders had given the American people. ” A republic,” he shot back, “if you can keep it.” More than  two centuries later ………… are we doing?????

Illusion of The Good News

In a few years we will celebrate the second millennium of the Christian Era.  But perhaps the question is:  “Will there be anything to celebrate?”  Daily we hear voices wanting to know if we can survive our own destructive nature.

As we see increasing poverty, hunger, the rapid escalation if violence and hatred in many countries including our own, we slowly realize that the world has begun a suicidal path.

It seems that the darkness is thicker then ever, that the powers of evil are more blatantly visible then ever…so what is the “‘Good News” in all of this?

During the last few years I have been wondering what it means to be a minister in such dire circumstances, were few see the Gospel as anything good or offering hope.  What is required of men and women who want to bring light into darkness…”to bring good news to the poor, to proclaim liberty ti captives and to the blind new sight, to set those oppressed free?”  What is required  of a man or woman who is called to enter fully into the turmoil and agony of the times in which we live and speak a word of truth?

In the coming days I will elaborate on this topic.  We will consider Solitude, Silence and The Furnace of Transformation!

Walk in Silence

I am finding that I have little to say or add to the conversations that engulf me daily!  I keep my own counsel, having little to add to the dialogue that would enhance or further it.  Most of it is does not need responding to anyway….

I do not need to respond to the thoughts about current entertainment figures, who add little or no value to our culture or who will survive which staged dramatic show.  But ask me how we as a people should learn from one another, why do we not learn from our failures, or why we ignore our failures, then we can share a glass and a meaningful thought or two.

Is there meaning to our brief time together on this planet?  If so how do we make the most of it? Questions like this use to spur people to think, oh damn, there is that word….THINK, the thing that our homes, schools, universities, employment and life was suppose to challenge us to do….IT HAS BECOME A LONELY WORLD FOR ONE TO BE REFLECTIVE AND TAKE THE TIME TO THINK, TO ACT  AND NOT FOLLOW THE BEATEN PATH TRODDEN BY THE MANY BEFORE THEM…


Clearing The Fog of Illusions

Reflection, Questions, Thoughts that come unbidden in the middle of the night, others thoughts you have come across, a mingling of both.  We stand on the shoulders and are immersed in a crowd of Thinkers and People of ideas that have traveled this path before us!

Come let us share this path together!

Three Pillars of ZEN

  1. Great Faith
  2. Great Courage
  3. Great Questioning

Viktor Frankel’s Questions?

  1.  What is life asking of you?
  2. What is this situation asking of me?
  3. It is more freedom to rather than freedom from.
  4. It is definitely an Inside-out rather than an Outside-in approach.

Transformational Figures

Those who break with the past cultural mindless patterns of BEHAVIORAL  and ATTITUDES.


Illusion of Spiritual Growth

WE seem to be under the illusion that attending some church service for at most two hours is totally sufficient to nurture, the spiritual aspects of our lives.  We separate our daily live from our church life. What are and what should we be doing with the other 166 hrs. left in our week.

What in you estimation is the purpose of attending a Church?  Most of us would comment that they have a lot of family activities to participate in. Other would say something spiritual like to KNOW God better, but have no idea how to accomplish that herculean task.  Most of us know what we should do but few of us do.

Recently while talking with a friend, he expressed his frustration that many of the people (including himself). separate church from daily life. There is no perfect church, churches are made up of broken and flawed people. All of us or nearly all  of us struggle with being deeply enmeshed in modernity, and this compromises the way we order our own lives.

Of all the personal and self-development programs that are on the market today, one towers above all others! Striving to daily live up to the expectation of of the gospel is at the least frustrating. Christianity itself offer a means to “live to our fullest potential.”  However that potential is not one we design for ourselves, it is slow acquired by daily sacrificing ego and self.

Nothing is more needful today than the survival of the Christian culture, because in recent generations this culture has become dangerously thin. At this moment in the Church’s history, in this country (and in the West more generally) it is less urgent to convince the alternative culture in which we live of the truth of Christ then it is for the Church to tell itself its own story and to nurture it own life, the culture of the city of God, the Christian Republic.

This is not going to happen without a rebirth of moral and spiritual discipline and a resolute effort on the part of Christians to comprehend and to defend the remnants of Christian culture. It is an unfortunate fact that the society in which we live is no longer neutral about Christianity. The United States would be a much less hospitable environment for the practice of the faith if all the marks of Christian culture were stripped from our public life and Christian behavior were tolerated only in restricted situations.