Winter Thoughts…..

OHIO….15 below and windy.  Cattle all have their butts to the wind. Sun is shinning! This my 65th winter physically, but in my soul it is late Spring, soft warm wind blowing across the just budding wheat.

Hot tea in hand looking out the window at the “all white” landscape. Little traffic.  Listening to the news, if that is what we call it today, pretty much useless, mostly some talking head giving me their opinion as news, lots of Bullshit.  Anyway I am here in the “flyover” county so I do not count.  A great feeling, fortunately like Maslow, I really do not need the good opinion of other…it seems many do.

According to Ancestry my people have an average life of 70 winters, huh… I guess I have to endure 5 more winters at least, but in my SOUL it is alway late SPRING!IMG_5139