What Debate…we all think alike!


I am finding fewer and fewer people who desire any type of discourse. Perhaps sports, work, newest fads in various endeavors. The height of today typical dialogue is leaving a lot to be desired.  We must all agree and think alike to be accepted by most people today.

We do not thrive on diversity of thought, but identity politics lumps us into either or.  No middle, prehaps where the most magic of diverse thinking and dialogue occur.

Then again ask yourself honestly how many people can you have a deep conversation and be accepted for perhaps a different idea?

We wield the tool of Slander to freely today!

One thought on “What Debate…we all think alike!

  1. Slander is the easy way out, far easier than formulating a cogent and thoughtful reply to ideas different from our own, with no consideration for how another point of view might refine and enrich one’s own ideas…


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