When you ask someone what education is a multitude of answer will come hurtling back at you. With every opinion being “right,” to them.

Having encountered many “ball-less” wonders, or administrators, those who are so enmeshed in the culture and politics of education they lack the courage to actually lead and rely on those higher in the pecking order to decide for them rather than make unpopular decisions. These thoughts are mine and those from Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds.

All over the planet, governments are investing vast resources in educational reform.  In the process, policy makers usually narrow the curriculum to emphasize a small group of subjects, tie schools up in a culture of standardized testing and limit the discretion of educators  to make professional judgements about how and what to teach.

These reforms as seen by everyone but policy makers, universities and administrators,are stifling the very skills and qualities that are essential to meet the challenges we face, creativity, cultural understanding, communication collaboration problem solving and behavioral and moral development!

Seldom do I hear administrators raise any questions about the results we are seeing in our schools! It seems politicians and leaders in education ( notice I did not say LEARNING), are led by the economic impact of education or its lack.  Talking to business leaders you will hear them complain that education is not producing the thoughtful, creative, self-confident people THEY so urgently need: people who are literate, numerate, who can analyze information and ideas; who can generate new ideas of their own and help to implement them; who can communicate clearly and work well with other people. They want education to provide such people, but too often they also cling to an unrealistic understanding of today’s educational system in  America.

The challenge now is to transform the education system into something better suited to meet the real need of students, (not businesses) in the 21st. century.  At the center of this transformation is a radically different view of humanity, intelligence and creativity.

“We will not succeed in navigating the complex environment of the future by peering

rear view mirror. To do so, we would have to Out of Our Minds.

I truly desire your thoughts, ideas or any experiences you would like to share!


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