Dying to Self: Finding Our Soul

Most of us struggling to find “happiness.”  All over the planet many of us feel an urge to grow and find a personal and collective place of joy and peace. We each face huge challenges of becoming happier, we realize that there is no other form of growth than self-development, and this journey is one of self-discovery.

It is natural to seek answers to the questions “why” is this or that happening to me? But assuredly this leads to great frustration as we realize there is no real or satisfying answer.  We then move to a much more relevant question: “how do I become that person I want to be:, and without hesitation this dilemma encounters the greatest question of all: “Who am I?” A very few attempt to answer this question, it gnaws in their deepest and most remote part of their being and life, always a small thought in the back of our minds somewhere.  We think someday I will discover who I am some way.

Seldom do we ask ourselves or others, how do I lead a good life?  What is a good life? Who am I and what is the purpose for my being in this family, community, job, school or world?  In the Christian belief, we are to die to self and become more like Christ, possessing his attributes….we fail miserably each day.  Wrestling  with the idea of dying to self is a struggle, we always approach it with our mind therein lies the problem.

Getting to Know EGO:  One of the major obstacles we find in the journey of self-discovery, is the EGO. Unfortunately in our culture it is becoming harder and harder, because it is all about ME, my wants, my desire, my feelings etc. Other are more aware of our ego than we are…you know people with “over developed egos.”

We registered all of our impressions in the world as we grew up.  Our first society is our family, directed by our parents, and this is the first mirror and given source of concepts that we get subjected to. taking them on as our own, it gives us a sense of who we are. And of course there is the whole realm of ourselves that we do not yet know ( our unconscious self). The EGO becomes a character built up of multiple characters, concepts and the roles we play in society, in fact everything we have learned externally as good or bad. So the Ego, the subject of consciousness, as Jung defines it,is the complex of things that we have identified with, and by which we function. In other words we know about ourselves, or what we have chosen to know about ourselves are those characters  we play in all of our relationships.

Have you ever questioned where you beliefs came from? Are they truly yours or did  you accept them from, parents, friends, school, media, society.  Until you do remember:

You Are Not Who You Think You Are!

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