Christianity Is a Worldview

How Now Shall We Live?

“Without a biblical worldview, all the great teaching goes in one ear and out the other.  There are no intellectual pegs… the mind of the individual to had these truths on.  So they just pass through.  They do not stick. They do not make a difference!”

     What if we really lived by what we say we believe?

      The way we see the world can change the world. Our choices are shaped by what we believe is real and true, right and wrong, good and beautiful. Our choices are shaped by our worldview. Our major task in life is to discover what is true and to live in step with that truth. Every worldview can be analyzed by the way it answers three basic questions: Where did we come from, and who are we (creation)?. What has gone wrong with the world (fall)?  And what can we do to fix it (redemption)?

      These three questions form a grid that we can use to break down the inner logic of every belief system or philosophy that we encounter, from the textbooks in our classrooms to the unspoken philosophy that shapes the message we hear on Oprah.

      We can apply this three-part grid to critique non biblical worldviews, while at the same time framing a biblical worldview on any subject, from family and life education, from politics to science, form art to popular culture!

      In days to follow I will add more to these musings…I promise to not get tangled up in all the “Christainise” that is rampant in today’s marketplace…please read, reflect and respond!

Be of Good Cheer…..

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